Hot Glue Gun Holders

My first glue gun holder I received was a gift from my husband. It was plain, unfinished wood, nothing fancy. I thought, "When will I ever use this?" Boy, was I wrong. I have loved it and thought...I can make that!  

I cut all of my hot glue gun holders with my jigsaw or my bandsaw.  I use high quality pine and acrylic paints for each one. 

To Order One:
If you would like to order a hot glue gun holder, email me your request, with "Hot Glue Gun Order" in the subject line.   (I am willing to custom make them to your request, if I'm able!)


My most current glue gun holders...

Black & White Flowered

Purple Flowered

Turquoise Flowered

Red & Pink Flowered

Faith -- one of my new favs!

Yellow flowered

White with black swirls

My friend Cindy requested a colorful polka dot
glue gun holder for her daughter Angela.

I made this one at a craft retreat this weekend.
One of the ladies there saw it and requested
I make her one like it, with varying
shades of pinks.

Here's the pink....and I love it! 
Good color choice!

I Love Watermelon!

I made these this year for my son's two
teachers at the end of the year. 
They are both WILD about leopard print!
May 2014

 Made for my youngest son's
2nd grade teacher at the end of the
school year, May 2013.
(And personally, this one is my favorite so far!)


These were requested by my friend, Christie, who was purchasing them for other friends. She was specific with the designs and colors she wanted.

Zebra and hot pink!

This one is the chevron pattern with turquoise accents. The top picture is what it looked like when I was done painting it. I decided to give it a distressed look, so the second picture is the final product after I sanded it down.

The green glue gun holder (above) is mine...and well used! I made the yellow one for one of my best friends.  She now has one for her home and one at her shop!


Sunday, May 23, 2010
These are two more glue gun holders I made for a friend and her daughter.

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  1. These are wonderful and what great designs you used on them. Thanks for sharing.